About me


Welcome dear web surfer to my little corner of cyberspace!

During the week I teach photography and design at Central Arizona College as well as squeezing in a little freelance work when I can. However, on weekends, as an artist, you will find me hanging out in abandoned buildings (photo at right) with my beloved Nikon in search of breathtaking light and that "once-in-a-lifetime" shot (I haven't got it yet). I spent 12 years on the east coast of the US, in Baltimore, where I developed my passion for photographing abandoned buildings, but since recently moving to the southwest I am discovering a whole new world of abandoned structures -- ghost towns and mines and wonderful old farms. I have included some of that work here but it has its own home and lives at spiritsoftheabandoned.com.

This online portfolio includes work from my "day job" and a "just because" photography section because I am rarely without my camera and l am continually fascinated by what I see (probably to a fault)...so I couldn't resist having somewhere to "stash" my non-work, non-weekend "stuff."

I feel very fortunate to do what I love doing most, for a living. I have a M.F.A. degree in Integrated Design from the University of Baltimore and an extensive background in photography from my "previous life" in Australia. For me, being able to apply both skill sets to my work is very rewarding, as is sharing my knowledge of both disciplines with my students.

I always struggle with the "about me" section of anything, I can add that my great loves are: cats (actually, all animals) my camera, my Mac, organic food, New York City, abandoned buildings, deserted beaches (Australian ones) but beyond that there's not a lot to say (plus I'm intensely private), so the above will have to suffice. Should you need serious information — such as a CV or artist statement — please use the contact button below.

Thanks for visiting!